Our unique two sided climbing, rappelling and adventure towers are built to last and offer numerous difficulty options. The climbing walls will have 150 -300 climbing holds and a variety of overhanging features.  The holds can be easily moved to adjust the route difficulty.  The 12' - 16' wide sides allow 3 climbers and rappellers to go together on each side. A 60 - 150 sq' deck creates space for rappelling, zip lines, and challenge course element transfers.

Two sided climbing, rappelling tower with overhang

  two sided climbing, rappelling and adventure towers

two sided climbing, rappelling and adventure towers Two sided climbing, rappelling and adventure tower features

Our Two Sided tower designs feature removable holds, challenging features, quality construction, and a stylish design. The tower will give you 30-60’ of climbing surface with a variety of difficulty levels and will be built on class 1 and 2 poles.  Automatic belay units assure safety and reduce staffing requirements. A single or double Zip line creates a full adventure program experience

All course elements and components are built to meet or exceed ACCT standards.  All material and workmanship is guaranteed for three years.


We build our towers to last! Treated & sealed 2 x 6 screwed to solid, bolted 4 x 6 framing, extra cables and attachments, and securable. Easy access for staff highlight this high quality, affordable design. This design includes climbing features and an optional overhanging top section.  This economical design is perfect if you are using the tower for recreation, education, teambuilding and rappelling. The auto belay units increase safety and encourage more dynamic teambuilding challenges on the wall.

This attractive tower is built with the highest quality materials and lumber. All wood is pressure treated and double sealed to protect against weathering. Galvanized and stainless steel components, RSS fasteners, and swaged fittings assure strength and longevity of each aspect of the tower and high ropes course. An ample amount of top quality equipment is included to assure ease of use and client comfort.