Climbing and Adventure Tower Designs


Adventure Sky Tower

Adventure Tower

This 60'-80' tall ropes course powerhouse accommodates 1,200 people a day, team challenges for up to 12 participants, 30 climbers at one time with minimal staff needs. Designed with 20 zip lines and 8 leaps, this tower delivers adventure, safety, and high volume with few staff.  40 vertical elements, up to 3 pitches, multiple decks, and lots of options make this perfect choice for big events, ski resorts, parks, high volume camps, and long term programs! 

The Pinnacle Tower

Star Climbing and Adventure TowerStar Climbing and Adventure Tower This is a great tower design for camps or businesses. The ultra wide base allows for excellent bouldering.  Over 50 feet of bouldering surface means that more participants are growing and learning during your program.  The vast variety of climbing routes assures challenge and success for all abilities. Optional auto-belays reduce staff costs and increase safety. 

High Teams Course with 2 Towers
Ultimate High Teams Course The High Teams Course offers a complete 12 element low ropes course, a climbing wall with over 700 sq feet of climbing surface, three zip lines,  vertical playground, dynamically belayed high elements, a 10 person high team course, a high whale watch, giant ladder and a multi-challenge cargo net. Automatic belays assure safety and usability with any group size and schedule constraint.

The Quad Tower Series

A four sided climbing and rappelling tower, vertical ropes challenge course, and zip line.  Two or more sides will offer 32 - 60’ of vertical climbing surface, one side; a three route vertical playground challenge and the other side consists numerous options.  Also included is a flying squirrel, which will assure that all participants will have an opportunity to ascend and take a fast ride down the zip line!

Camp One Tower with Optional Elements


vertical ropes course elements
The Camp One Tower is the ultimate in high volume tower designs. Using MSA Rose Auto-belays, this tower can accommodate 100 climbers per hour. Optional spoke elements make this tower great for camps, schools, and corporations. Over 40 vertical elements are available to choose from.

Basic Training: Military spec climbing and rappelling towers

Military Spec training and climbing towers for all branches; designed and built to meet the demanding needs of military applications. Fast rappel stations, Hell Holes, incline climbs, pipe climbs, and full military obstacle courses all built under full federal guidelines. We build towers to accommodate all training needs. We utilize top quality materials, and building practices to assure that the towers and elements meet all specifications and requirements of demanding military training programs.

2 Pole Towers

This is a 2 pole design which incorporates an overhanging top section and climbing features.  This is a stand alone tower or it can be incorporated into a full high ropes course design.