High Sierra High Ropes Course

The High Sierra Series is founded on a excellent versatile ropes course design. Built with 45' - 60' class 1 & 2 poles, this course can be operated as a static or dynamic course. Some elements are interchangeable. Belay posts for the giant ladder and climbing walls assure participant involvement and group bonding. single or double zip lines and multiple tower options make this the premier all around high ropes challenge course

High ropes course designs, construction, training and inspection Ultimate High Teams Course - Perhaps the most comprehensive challenge course structure available.  The High Teams Course offers 12 element low ropes course, a climbing wall, three zip lines,  vertical playground, high elements, a 10 person high team course, a high whale watch, giant ladder and a multi-challenge cargo net. Automatic belays assure safety for any group size and schedule constraint.

High ropes course designs, construction, training and inspection Camp 1 Towers - This is a unique high traffic autobelay vertical ropes course is designed for a variety of ages and groups. Using only two staff members, up to nine participants can be on the ropes course at one time (80 per hour).  They will have a fun and challenging experience while improving their confidence, coordination, teamwork and balance. These vertical ropes course elements are great for summer camps, parks, corporate programs, family fun, and professional trainings. Up to 9 participants can be linked together to make dozens of great teambuilding challenges, with only 2 staff!

High ropes course designs, construction, training and inspection

Skyway Adventure Series - After ascending the cargo net, pole climb or rope ladder, participants may cross a variety of elements.  Easier elements for beginners are on the bottom while more challenging elements are on top.  Static (self) belay system or dynamic belay system. Once accross the challenges a trapeze leap or zip line awaits.

High ropes course designs, construction, training and inspection

The Star Adventure Complex high ropes course has been specifically designed to provide the highest quality design and the most programming potential of any challenge course available today This course offers over 30 different high ropes elements divided into 4 programming types; recreational, traditional high ropes, small group personal experience, and advanced self belay adventures.  These types can be mixed and matched to create an endless variety of unique program designs for any group!

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