Sky Towers are massive adventure centers! They provide numerous vertical challenge course elements using automatic belays to increase flow and minimize staff needs. With over 30 different challenge activities you can have a powerhouse adventure course for huge groups, events, summer camps, treatment centers, and resorts.  It is also perfect for longer term exposure programs where participants can progress through many levels of individual and group challenges.  Sky Towers are designed with up to 26 zip lines and 8 trapeze leaps. Tons elements can be substituted, providing an endless variety or high ropes course elements with up to 40 vertical challenges on the Sky Towers.  
Adventure Ropes Course Climbing challenge tower in use

Sky Towers are great for Huge events, resorts, attractions, fairs and summer camps. They provide numerous challenges for all ages. Using auto belays, one staff can facilitate up to 12 or more climbers. Staff don't belay and rarely have to climb making training and safety easy and effective.

  • Automatic belay
  • Minimum staff ratio
  • Over 40 challenges
  • Towers 60' to 80' high
  • Auto zip lines and belays
  • Events or permanent installation


Adventure Ropes Course Climbing challenge tower pyramid style
Adventure Ropes Course Climbing challenge tower jumbo two level 30 route version
Sky Tower with 4 zip lines and 4 leaps, 2 levels, 20 routes Adventure tower with 16 zip lines, 8 leaps, 3 levels, 36 routes. Covers 16 acres! Adventure tower with 8 zip lines, 2 levels, 32 routes

Adventure Ropes Course Climbing challenge tower with Skyway ropes course attached


Firecracker Ladder
Flexible Climbing Wall
Solid Climbing Walls
Overhanging Features
Tire Climb
Flying Squirrel
Giant Ladder (mini)
Pole Climbs
4 Cargo Nets

Ascender Climb

Mechanical Advantage
Cargo Nets
Ratline Net
Spider Web
Tube Net
Staple Climb
Tactical Assault Ladder
Shown with Skyway ropes course

Adventure Ropes Course Climbing challenge tower mid level deck with 4 zip lines
Adventure Ropes Course Climbing challenge tower

Vertical challenges (or vertical climbs) require participants to climb up various types of ropes course structures including cargo nets (climbing nets), rope ladders, firecracker ladders, caving ladders, giant ladders and more. These vertical challenges cab be used as independent stand alone elements or as access elements for static or dynamic belayed ropes courses. The belay for the vertical challenge elements will be a dynamic belay, automatic belay, participant belay, staff belay, or self belay. Participant belaying for vertical challenges is easier than dynamic courses. A belayer or team of belayers keep tension on the rope and control the descent of the participant through a belay post or anchored belay device.