The Star Adventure Complex High ropes course has been specifically designed to provide the highest quality design and the most programming potential of any challenge course available today! The unique design offers all the therapeutic benefits of traditional challenge courses, the throughput of recreational courses, and innovative educational experiences only available on the Star Adventure Complex.

This course offers over 30 different high ropes elements divided into 4 programming types; recreational high volume challenges, traditional high ropes course programming, small group personal experience, and advanced self belay adventures.  These types can be mixed and match to create an endless variety of unique program designs to accommodate the goals and skills of any group!

Tower and Vertical Challenge Elements

These elements are designed to be used with automatic belay units which greatly reduce staff needs and provide greater program flexibility.  Traditional belays and participant belays can also be used for staff training and greater client participation. 12 climbers with only one staff! Entire groups and the leader ascend to the 300 square foot deck using automatic belays.and exit via the zip lines!

This gigantic 300 square foot deck provides enough room for 20 people to assemble and strategize about their challenges and discuss their accomplishments. Numerous activities can be facilitated on the deck providing a unforgettable setting for initiatives and games.  Double zip lines, up to 1,400’ long, are a fun and exciting way to exit the course.  Participants ride side by side up to 40 miles per hour. Double zips allow for friends to share the experience and adventure together.

The Outer Ring
Ten elements designed with traditional dynamic belay system provide opportunities for one-on-one facilitation as clients work through these moderately difficult challenges. Guests can work from level to level creating their own path.  Each element is about 45 feet long allowing time for a variety of personal breakthroughs and self discoveries to occur.  A second lower safety cable allow these element to be used with the advance self belay programs.

The Star Network
Six elements spreading out from the tower provide the most unique growth opportunity the course offers.  Environmental education groups and summer camp groups can ascent to the tower and with only one staff up to 12 participants can go out and back on each of the elements.  Students can choose their challenge and partner and create their own growth opportunities. The staff conducts all transfers providing maximum safety and minimal training. 


Type 1 (High volume recreational) is designed for the high throughput of summer camp programs, weekend groups, and introductory experiences using automatic belays and vertical challenges.

Type 2 (Traditional high ropes) Dynamic belays assure each climber has the full attention of the facilitator as they jump for the trapeze, balance on the cat walk, swing form vine to vine, or push themselves through any of the 12 dynamically belayed elements.
Type 3 (Small group personal experience) is an innovative concept utilizing a static belay system that does not require mid air transfers by participants. They are hooked to static safety systems and traverse out and back on each of the 6 elements singularly or with a partner.  The facilitator is always there to provide safe transfers as they try a different or more difficult element.
Type 4 (Advance self belay) is a more advanced static belay system that allows participants to transfer from element to element after a rigorous ground school.  This gives each participant the ability to move through the entire course and allows up to 20 people in the air at once with only two staff.

All groups can exit via a double zip line, rappel, or auto belay descenders. This course offers more opportunities for adventure education than any other course design available.  Corporate ‘out of shape’ groups will find the right level of challenge allowing individuals to push their limits, boosting confidence and team spirit without jeopardizing safety.  Campers and students can complete a variety of challenges building on success. University students and other adult groups will discover advanced challenges and techniques to foster growth and esteem building in themselves and people they work with.  

This attractive course is built with the highest quality materials and lumber. All wood is pressure treated and double sealed to protect against weathering. Galvanized and stainless steel components, RSS fasteners, and swaged fittings assure strength and longevity of each aspect of the tower and high ropes course.

An ample amount of top quality equipment is included to assure ease of use and client comfort.  30 harnesses, 30 helmets, 12 belay ropes, 20 self belay systems, 12 auto belay units, 12 dynamic belay systems, 6 zip line trolleys and everything else you need in abundance is all included.

Universal Access Yes! Everyone can play and grow! A mechanical advantage lift system allows participants in wheelchairs to hoist themselves to the tower and transfer to a special harness which will give access to the all elements with only minimal help from staff members. This design feature makes it possible to change the lives of anyone including those with severe disabilities.  The hoist system can also be used by kids and adults providing a fun and unique way for anyone to access the tower!