Low Ropes  Course element: The Spider web Low ropes courses are excellent for businesses, schools, churches, camps, sports teams, and families. These experiences improve communication, problem solving, and build meaningful bonds. Adventure Ropes Course offers the highest quality low ropes design, installation and training
Based on your needs, budget, and location site, we will custom design and build the ideal low ropes challenge course and train your staff to maximize effectiveness and safety for a variety of clients and groups.

Low ropes elements emphasize group dynamics, leadership skills and positive communication in order to achieve success and personal growth. Low ropes courses consist of a series of obstacles designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a task. Groups must pool their resources and work together to find solutions. Success is achieved when all members have contributed to the outcome. Low Ropes Course Element: The Wall group challenge
Low ropes elements involve problems using real and imaginary ground-based obstacles: cables, ropes, and platforms between trees or poles, a foot or so above the ground. Low ropes elements test physical strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility, and invite participants to confront such emotional issues as the fear of falling, the fear of failure, and the fear of losing control.
Elements require varying amounts of risk, strength, movement and awareness allowing participation by everyone. Risk is managed by group members who assume critical spotting roles and trust is sometimes the hardest thing to give...

Low ropes course built in trees- low ropes nitro swing Low ropes tree courses take advantage of the natural terrain to integrate your course within a living forest.  Participants can feel the living energy from the support trees and these type of courses tend to be less expensive. Our construction & design practices create low impact low ropes courses that blend into the environment. We will integrate long term programming to assure tree health and longevity.
A professional arborist may be consulted to guarantee the long term health of the supporting trees. Tree courses provide shade, fresh air and a unique adventure experience. 

Low ropes course element- low ropes Bridge Out Low ropes pole courses allow for total custom design of your low ropes course and low elements. Pole courses require less maintenance than tree courses and eliminate the concern of your courses impact on the health of your trees.  Pole courses can be built to exact design specifications.
Properly treated poles can remain in service for up to 30 years. Utility poles can also be combined or integrated into a stand of trees, thereby preserving the natural setting for the participants and increasing your design options while minimizing environmental impact.

Universal Accessibility
We have designed a number of unique elements that are universally accessible.  Building a course with the needs of everyone in mind creates a valuable opportunity to positively affect individuals with disabilities. Low and high elements can be designed to be accessible to all! Those who otherwise would not be able to participate now can benefit a great deal from the challenge course experience. Adventure Ropes Course is happy to offer experience in designing and building accessible elements and to discuss with you the possibilities and considerations involved in including universal elements in your course.