Adventure Ropes Course is the company you call when you want a superior High Ropes Course!
High Ropes Course Construction Our courses are engineered and built using the highest quality materials, flexible designs, and top grade carpentry. Adventure Ropes Course designs courses that create the perfect setting to foster team building, communication, and self-esteem. Courses can be designed to provide universal access for persons of all abilities.
We design beautiful structures and conduct expert training for camps, schools,churches, universities, children's museums, events, and governments. Check out our design library! Lets talk about designing and building the perfect high ropes course for your program goals and budget.


Design & Support
We will help you evaluate the best design and layout for your challenge ropes course; whether to use existing trees or to install utility poles on which to build the ropes course; which elements will best suit your adventure program goals, which type of ropes course is most appropriate; where and how it can be laid out for maximum value and minimum environmental impact; budget; and the long-term vision for your challenge course program. We stand behind our product and assure you have everything you need to deliver great ropes course programs and adventure activities.

Pole Courses  
High Ropes Course construction Ropes courses allow for total custom design of your high course and elements. Pole courses require less maintenance than tree courses and eliminate the concern of your courses impact on the health of your trees.  Pole ropes courses can be built to exact design specifications.
Properly treated poles can remain in service for up to 30 years. Utility poles can also be combined or integrated into a stand of trees, thereby preserving the natural setting for the participants and increasing your ropes course design options while minimizing environmental impact.

Tree Courses  
High Ropes Course Construction Tree Ropes Course Ropes courses built in trees take advantage of the natural terrain to integrate your course within a living forest.  Participants can feel the living energy from the support trees and these type of courses tend to be less expensive. Our construction and design practices create low impact high ropes courses that blend into the environment. We will integrate long term programming to assure tree health and longevity.
A professional arborist may be consulted to guarantee the long-term health of the supporting trees. Tree ropes courses provide shade, fresh air and a unique adventure experience. 

Universal Accessibility
We have designed a number of unique elements that are universally accessible.  Building a course with the needs of everyone in mind creates a valuable opportunity to positively affect individuals with disabilities. Low and high elements can be designed to be accessible to all! Those who otherwise would not be able to participate now can benefit a great deal from the challenge course experience. Adventure Ropes Course is happy to offer experience in designing and building accessible elements and to discuss with you the possibilities and considerations involved in including universal elements in your course.